Educational program

«Petroleum engineering»

the educational program was openedin 2012 to meet the demand in oil and gas industry
NNSTU has a perpetual license and state accreditation for training in Petroleum engineering
A course of study for a Bachelor degree lasts4 years
A course of study for a Master degree lasts2 years

Training in special disciplines is carried out by the following departments of NNSTU:

  • Design and operation of oil and gas pipelines and oil and gas storage facilities
  • Fluid dynamics, strength of machines and resistance of materials
  • Power plants and heat engines

Training is carried out by an experienced and highly qualified staff of 40 teachers. All teachers have got a scientific degree and conduct research on the profile of the disciplines taught.

Key disciplines of the program

«Machinery and equipment for oil and gas recovery and transportation»
Fundamentals of petroleum engineering
Geology, geodesy and oil and gas exploration
Oil and gas recovery technology
Offshore oil and gas recovery
Tankers for oil, gas and refined products transportation
Equipment of oil and gas production
Oil and gas well drilling
Gas and oil pipelines

NNSTU provides development training for the personnel of the leading enterprises in the region and Russian Federation:

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